Klinic KUBE

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The heart and soul of the KLINIC KUBE is the only direct solar powered (no batteries) World Health Organization (WHO) rated vaccine storage system in the world. Produced by Sundanzer this product is Capable of vaccine storage without power/sunlight for 3.5 days in 110F/43C direct sunlight!


W.H.O. pre-qualified vaccine storage

54.5 Liters-14.3 gallon of storage capacity

Vaccine fridge does not use or need a battery

83 hours of autonomy

Safe vaccine storage range 35-46 degrees F

Unit will heat/cool to proper range

Senses inside and outside temperatures

360 Watts of solar power

Independently wired to power the vaccine refrigerator 1st

Triage lights last 12 hours

All systems on the battery will last 10 hours

Low voltage disconnect maintains solar controller

20amp hour lithium ion battery

2 weeks of standby with no solar

Fully recharged in 3 hours on a clear day (100,000 lux)

Fully recharged in 5 ½ hours on an overcast day (40,000lux)

Anti-microbial paint and humidistat to keep as sanitary as possible

Stainless steel shelving with clear bins for aid workers

1998- 6.1 million people died from preventable/curable diseases most of them in tropical counties

2008-164,000 people, mostly children under 5 years of age died from measles

Vaccine and safe injection equipment cost LESS THEN 1 U.S. DOLLAR.S. DOLLAR