Technology and Systems Development

domekrbDOME KRB

DOME KRB is active in the development of new technologies including KUBE Technology™ Limited which incorporates the world’s first solar powered reverse-osmosis technology unit.
We also specialize in the development of Management Information Systems for government and corporate clients.
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“Clean freshwater, electricity, food and medical storage via solar power technology. The DOME KRB KUBE™ concept was designed to satisfy the demand for basic infrastructure services in inaccessible, emergency, and polluted areas of the world”

KUBE-Technology Profile

PDF KUBE Technology Limited Profile download

Patent Pending technology enables KUBE Technology™ to provide the following:

Solar Powered water purification via reverse osmosis

Solar powered vaccine and medical supply/storage

Solar powered cold food storage

Solar powered water pumping

Solar area/street lighting

Solar Sunjack hut/aid post/school/church/hospital lighting

Sunjack Light Stick

PDF Sunjack Light Stick Brochure download

SunJack lights provide reliable lighting with fast recharging in the most cloudy conditions in PNG.

SunJack systems will charge all other apliances such as Phones, Ipads, Radios, Light Sticks and Computers.